Monday 27 December 2010

New blog

Well hello to all who find this blog.

As this is the first post it is probably a wise idea to explain why I am doing this blog and what it is intended for. Before this however perhaps a bit about me.

I have been working in IT since 2004 and SharePoint since 2006. Over this period I have worn many different hats from developer - team lead - consultant - senior consultant - pre sales consultant - Architect..... and probably a few more. What I am trying to get across is that I haven't really been pigeon holed. One thing that does stand out however is that most of these roles relate to SharePoint in one form or another.

The intention of this blog is to try and capture some of the challenges I face on a daily basis and how I got round them. I will also use it to store handy bits of information which may help people out. Hopefully this will help share the SharePoint Love and give something back to the SharePoint community which has helped me become the man I am today haha.

The SharePoint Showboat