Tuesday 14 August 2012

SharePoint 2013 : Installation at first glance

I just watched a video showing a 2013 install so thought I would share for those who havent had time to do one like me. The install went from clean server to providing a site collection.

Points as follows:

  • Install procedure is essentially the same as 2010. Install pre-requisites -> Install SharePoint -> Run configuration wizard to create a new farm specifying  database access criteria ->  Specify port for central administration etc.
  • A wizard fires as in 2010 which offers the automatic create of services (service apps).
  • Central administration looks slightly different at first glance but a second look shows that things havent changed that much at all.
  • The provisioning of a team site collection was the same. Create a web application -> Create a site collection by choosing a template. One thing that was different was that it looked like  you were able to choose a version of the template so 2013 or 2010 (not sure if 2007 was there) which was quite interesting.

All in all though the installation procedure seems to be the same.

Video is at : http://youtu.be/FC_mF23TlSg