Wednesday 2 November 2011

Sharepoint 2010 : Content type hub not publishing name change

I was trying out the content type hub amazingly for the first time the other day. I found some nice posts on how to configure it which was reasonably straight forward.

Once I had created a content type in the hub I was able to publish it to another site collection successfully after running the "Content type hub" and appropriate "Content site subscriber" timer jobs.
After this point I though I would try an update to the source content type. I changed the name and re-run the timer jobs. My subscribed content type name was not updated.

It turns out that content types must be republished once they have been changed. This is available under the "Manage publishing for this content type" link. Once I had done this and re-run the services my subscribed content type updated making me feel much better about life in general.

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