Tuesday 23 August 2016

First public developer preview of the SharePoint Framework

Microsoft has lanced the first public developer preview of the SharePoint Framework.

Key points:

  • Release for developer tenancies.
  • Some documentation is provided.
  • Preview will be updated frequently over upcoming weeks / months.
  • Full support to office 365 tenancies later in the year.
  • You can start building client-side web parts using modern script development tools and the SharePoint Workbench (a new development test surface).
  • You can deploy your client-side web parts to classic web part pages in Office 365 Developer tenants.
  • It Works alongside common scripting frameworks, such as AngularJS, and we’re expanding our tools for these frameworks.  For example, you can use React along with components from Office UI Fabric React to quickly create experiences based on the same components we are using in Office 365. 
  • SharePoint Framework client-side web parts are good for projects where code is trusted to run directly within SharePoint pages with broad access to SharePoint data.  
  • Microsoft have also reiterated their commitment to improving the SharePoint add-in functionality. SharePoint add-ins are great for a variety of other use cases, including support for more fine-grained permission and data access controls, responding to remote events and webhooks, and Office Store distribution.

If you still find this a little bit confusing it is ok. I do too but it is still all very new and as is typical to MS they drip feed the information to you as they themselves work out what it all means.

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