Tuesday 14 June 2011

SharePoint 2010 Send Documents to Records Centre Link

So I was wanting to know how to send documents to a record centre manually. Took me a little while to do the digging to find out were you configure the "Send to" links so I thought I would do a quick post to remind myself.

Assuming you all ready have a record store in place and you know the location. You must go to:

Central administration -> General application settings (on left hand side) -> Configure Send to connections

Once on this page you can add a new send to connection for a specific web application.
For sending records to the records centre you set the URL to be:


Once you have done this you are able to specify whether you need to copy, move or move  the document leaving a stub in its place.


  1. HI...I managed to get routing to work. However when using DNS url, after routing is completed with move and keep link option, the URL is changed to http://sername:port/..., we have 2 zones default and intranet.

    What can I change to have the DNS in the url rather than servername:port?

    NOTE: Send TO connection is setup using the DNS name

  2. Great post!
    it really helpful for me to synchronize my central administrator with izod clothing data base server

  3. Hi, i have a problem.
    I create a Record Center and already create the Send To Connection.

    When i click in the Move to Record Center link that i create for move the document, SP give me this error:

    Move to Record Center site not found or access to it was obtained.


    Problem Solutions Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

    Identificador de correlaciĆ³n: afe82a9b-7d61-4fa2-b8b0-c241f2f3043b

    Fecha y hora: 21/02/2013 13:30:00 "

    any idea?